Interior Design

An interior designer's goal is to understand a Client's requests, his mood, habits, and dreams and to reflect his lifestyle, image, and values in the future interior. Our interior solutions for each Client are individual, as every person is unique, so should be the interior remaining integrated and stylish. The project ingenuity and bold decision depend on a Client, and only after that a designer's imagination and creativity step in.

The budget is negotiated on the stage of the project development. It is often hard for a Customer to evaluate the project budget, and that is when the designer in his specifications precisely calculates the square of premises, the accurate quantity of chosen and approved construction materials with their retail price on the market if available. By the project completion a Client gets the approximate budget amount. We develop a project in accordance with Customer's requirements and available financial resources. Many people still believe that designer's services are expensive, but anyone who buys an apartment or a mansion can afford them. A designer can help you not only realize your innermost thoughts and ideas of creating the interior of your dream but also save your money, as he has a good knowledge of materials presented on the market, their quality, and prices. That will also save your time for search and purchase. A designer will help you to avoid such problems as unfair suppliers, whom he can distinguish due to his rich work experience. A designer will also help you to decrease the number of mistakes, point out on a low quality of construction works and necessity of redoing some of them consequently.

We bindingly confirm that we have enough knowledge and experience in project generating and processing from the design stage including selection of furniture, equipment, and interior finishing materials, the designer supervision, to the interior decoration.

By the present moment I have come to the main conclusion that I am an absolutely happy person as I am doing my favorite job. It allows me to learn new things moving forward, to communicate with interesting and exceptional people, whose talents and skills you will also have a chance to appreciate, to turn someone's dreams into reality, to feel myself as a magician, and to live and smile realizing that I can be of help and do good. When we are happy we share our happiness with you, putting our hearts in each square foot of your interior.