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Services offered by the company

What does the design project include?

The design project realization consists of the following stages: two principle sections that determine the work cost and content, the third stage - a project visualization (preferable but not compulsory), and extra services provided by the designer according to the Agreement on additional services.

Usually, a Client places an order for the full draft and technical design project with the visualization of the key rooms affecting the style of the whole project. The full design project, in its turn, is developing in three stages.

The first stage includes

  • The draft design project (interior design with no detailed plans).

The second stage includes

  • The technical design project (necessary for construction works, based on draft design project).

The third stage includes

  • 3D visualization of the project in 3D Max or Sketch Up Pro programs and manual drawing of the project (is made during discussion of the stylistics, arrangement, or unique sketches of separate design elements).

All these stages are developing separately (provided with a separate contract for each stage or each type of services).

Additional services

  • A designer's consultation on the site (this type of services is provided in case when the Client does not find it necessary to have a designer's supervision; but the designer visits the construction site for consultations and amendments in already approved drawings for any reason upon request).
  • A specialist's visit of the site to take measurements (this service is included in the full technical or draft design project, but it is an additional in case when all the measurements have been taken by a designer or his representative, the measurement drawing has been made, but a Client has refused to conclude an agreement for the design project).
  • Designer's supervision is a package of actions made by a designer ensuring that artistic solutions of the commissioned site comply with the solutions provided by the design project approved by the Client.
  • Purchase of finishing materials (this service is providing by a designer only in relation to the finishing materials for the site and handing them over to the contractor with the Acceptance certificate.
  • Interior decorating (selection of interior decorating elements is made after renovation-finishing works and includes paintings, drawings, wall graphics, sculptures, flatware, dishware, table cloths, beddings, and accessories for different rooms).
  • Ceiling and walls mural (a designer often makes some corrections in furniture, decoration elements, mural and ceiling painting in order to make them exquisite and individual, and the whole design project to become unique.