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Design progect development stages

Interior design project is making in several different stages. Each stage is supporting by the services agreement. A Client after learning all the stages may select only those services which necessary. It can be a draft design plan, a simple consultation in a shop, or a whole design project with several types of services provided. All the stages of the design project are below:


First stage of the design project (Draft design plan) 

  1. Designer's attendance of the site for the premise measuring;
  2. Measurement plan with the main utility networks;
  3. Three options of the premise design decisions (two preliminary plans and one - approved by a Client);
  4. The final layout of the premises with furniture and equipment;
  5. Construction plan with measurements;
  6. Style solution options (collages and sketches);
  7. Client's approval of the premise design, style, and types of finishing.


Second stage of the design project (Contract design plan)

  1. The final layout of the premises with furniture and equipment, schedule of equipment;
  2. Construction plan;
  3. Partition demolition;
  4. Constructed partitions plan, sections;
  5. Plan of premises after architectural re-planning with measurements. Construction plan
  6. Floor plan. Floor level marks, type of floor covering, it's design and dimensions. Floor section with covering layers if necessary;
  7. Electric floor heating plan with regulator reference;
  8. Floor plan with square and SKU of material chosen;
  9. Ceiling plan with levels, dimensions, separate units and sections;
  10. Ceiling lighting plan with outlets; plan of switches with indication of lights groups. List of equipment;
  11. Electric sockets plan;
  12. Plan of plumbing equipment with the attached mounting plans by the manufacturer;
  13. Plan of functional zoning of the rooms;
  14. Elevation of walls in the main rooms (living room, kitchen, bedrooms, entrance area);
  15. Elevation of tiled walls with tiles sizes, SKU, and square of the chosen material;
  16. Drawings of ordered customized items;
  17. Furniture arrangement plan; 
  18. Plan of doors with door sizes and style selection
  19. Room book (interior finishing materials)

Second stage provides trips to shops for finishing material selection and style solution of the premises.


Third stage of the design project (Project visualisation in 3D MAX or Sketch UP PRO)

  1. HD photographic image of the main rooms. Two/three pictures (photos) for each room from different perspective, selected by a Client.


Fourth stage of the design project (Design supervision)

  1. This stage is performing by a project designer or his/her representative with accurate design supervision and contract conclusion. The project designer monitors if the interior finishing works are making in accordance with the plans approved by a Client. The design supervision is not a technical supervision, i.e. the project designer is not responsible for the quality of construction and finishing works made by the contractor(s). 


Fifth stage of the design project (Interior decorating)

Interior decorating is providing by a designer on completion of all construction works. Interior decoration includes selection of accessories, furniture, textile, antiques, lamps, bedding, carpets, dishes, etc. The designer not only selects the interior items for the projects but also indicates their location, arranges the furniture, and sets the table. Interior decoration service includes the designer's regular visits of exhibitions, the supplier's office, showrooms with or without a Client.