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Drafted design progect

The first stage in the design project is a drafting design plan. This is a stage of Interior design style selection, and design decisions that would be the most appropriate and comfortable for the Client. This is a very important work that involves a correct premise zoning and an ergonomic furniture planning inside the premise.

The development of a draft design plan consists of the following several steps:

  1. A designer's (his representative) visit to the site, a measured premise plan with exact sizes of the existing rooms, structures, height of the ceiling, materials of floor slabs, and partitions.
  2. Preliminary design decisions (two preliminary and one final based on the Client's requirements and corrections).
  3. The final plan with furniture arrangement.
  4. Construction drawing (with dimensions of all mountable and demountable structures).
  5. Collages of the stylistic solution to the approved premise plan.

On the stage of a draft design plan a project designer submits to the Client the first two plans of premises with every room area, it is purpose, and a preliminary arrangement of furniture and plumbing equipment without furniture dimensions. The final premise plan is forming upon approval of these two preliminary plans with the Client. The future interior style is also discussing on this stage as the premise plan mostly depends on the interior style chosen by the Client. It is recommend take the approval for premise planning or re-planning with the architect authorities right after the final plan with all mountable and demountable structures and partitions is made.

Unfortunately, not all of the dreams of our Clients can be realize, but only those that do not meet the Construction Rules and Regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our Customers hire professionals exactly because a human life is much more important than a dream.