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Interior 3D visualization

Interior visualization is an advisable but not an obligatory stage of interior design. It can be executed in two programs: 3D MAX and Sketch Up Pro.

A photo realistic image of the main rooms essential for interior stylistics allows examine the future interior at the stage of its design, bring some modifications in the drawings, and even change some interior details. It is making so the Client could "look into" the future and see the furniture arrangement, preliminarily selected finishing materials and other interior decoration and be sure that all interior solutions made earlier were right.

Interior visualization allows the Client to save money, avoid expensive alterations, and assess how stylish and harmonious the future interior will be.

Cost of project visualization depends on its complexity. For example, the interiors made in such styles as Rococo, Baroque, Gothic and Roman, Classic style, etc., with a lot of unique decorative elements, florid stucco molding patterns, small details, individually developed furniture, an interior decoration, and accessories, require extra time for execution of each additional product. That is why visualization of office premises or premises in Minimalism style is more often cheaper.

Our designers are highly skilled experts. Visualization is made according to the preliminarily prepared drawings and also selected finishing materials, furniture, accessories, etc. The Customer is to see the house of his dream in a short period of time. Your dream begins with the IMAGE!

The list of necessary information for project visualization:

  • A total layout with all dimensions
  • Elevation of walls in the rooms, which will be reproduce in a photo realistic image
  • Sections of complex structures if that kind of structures are in the project
  • Addendum to each room elevation (description and list of finishing materials used in the project, the enclosed color range, textures, etc.)
  • The plan with furniture arrangement with specified dimensions, SKUs, textiles, textures, type of used material, etc. (reference to the furniture manufacturer website is preferable)
  • The plan of arrangement of lamps with specified types of lamps, SKU, trademark, type of used lighting, a photo of lamps (reference to the light manufacturer website is also preferable)
  • The floor plan with material samples and references to the manufacturer website
  • Drawings of kitchen furniture with equipment installed and references to websites of manufacturers both of furniture and kitchen equipment
  • Sketches of curtains with fabric samples
  • The Client’s choice on type of visualization with natural or artificial lighting
  • The view angle on visualization is specified beforehand.