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Draft. Manual drawing of the interior

Draft (Fr. Esquisse) is a sketch made by the interior designer displays a plan or idea of interior, a construction, furniture, or separate elements of all above listed. The artist or the interior designer makes a sketch quickly in negotiating or upon idea incurrence. The draft is not supposed to look as a complete artwork. It can be executed in different techniques and have quite a few lines.

Drafts are not expensive, they allow the designer to make sketches and try different original ideas before they will be transfer into drawings and visualization. In some cases the Client needs all the interior details to be demonstrated. The final project draft is making for this purpose. This option is not universal, as oftentimes from the very beginning of communication between the Customer and the designer the first has ideas and questions. Drafts can be very helpful in this case. Draft is a quickly made sketch, a drawing of future interior which in general allows to realize if this or that idea are good, and also helps the designer to understand the Client’s needs.

The main intents of drafts are in possibility to demonstrate any ideas connected with renovation: from premise finishing to selection of the smallest details, figurines or a carving on furniture, to select the most pleasant to an eye a tile and parquet combination.

Drafts give more opportunities if you have decided to plan interior design of any premise independently. Of course, nobody is expecting you to have special abilities in draft making, but to draw a few cabinets and parquet or tile is not hard for most of us.

The main goal of a draft is to show an overall picture, an image. Starting a draft, do not rush to draw all details, show the main elements preliminarily having designated symmetry lines. Do not press strongly on a pencil while putting outlines of objects, will be easier to erase them without leaving traces in case of errors. Experts begin with objects that are close to symmetry lines. As to coloring, it is made at the final stage when all details are drawn by pencil and do not need correction.

Often the designer makes a draft so the Client understands the concept of design, arrangement of objects, interior details, sketch of curtains, etc. This draft subsequently becomes a basis for drawings and photorealistic interior visualization.

Each sketch is unique and preparing in the single copy by the author of the project.