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Design supervision

Architectural supervision (or design supervision) is a work done by the designer throughout the whole period of renovation-finishing works till their completion. It consists of scheduled visits to the site, project supervision of works fulfilled by the construction brigade, i.e. if the construction and finishing works are being made in accordance with schemes, drawings, and specifications approved by the Client.

If necessary, the designer enters adjustments in approved drawings notifying the Customer on the reasons of alterations and only after the Client’s consent.

Designer’s presence during the architectural supervision is obligatory. Being the author of the project design, the developed concept, the stylistic interior solution, the worked out details, structural and color scheme, only the designer can bring some changes or corrections without breaking harmony of all elements in the project.

If renovation works are done by the contractor recommended by the designer the architectural supervision cost will be lower. Otherwise, the cost of supervision is negotiated separately and depends on terms of development and contractor’s qualification level.

Architectural supervision includes:

  1. Designer’s regular visits to the site (no more than four visits a month if other number is not stipulated)
  2. Consultations with construction workers on presented drawings and sketches: entering the adjustments occurred after dismantle of old and erection of new partitions, floor, ceiling and wall leveling in working plans
  3. Quality control over finishing works in the premise (submission of the report on site visiting, required modifications, defects if finishing works by the contractor’s team)
  4. Correspondence of selected coloristic solution to its execution
  5. Correspondence of finishing materials to the selected samples