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Designer's consultation

 Designer’s consultation on the site and during the material selection and purchase

If you have decided not to order a draft or a full design interior project you can use such service as a Interior Designer’s consultation.
The interior designer can consult you on the general stylistics of interior, taking into consideration your wishes and requests, help you choose materials for interior finishing and show the best configuration. The designer can dissuade you from purchasing and using unsuitable materials, which are not good in use and may do harm to your health or health of your children. On the contrary, the designer will advise to use the most appropriate and optimal materials and color combinations which will make your interior more attractive. It is always useful to listen to opinion of the expert in interior design. The interior designer will also consult you on a lay-out of living space and selection of furniture. Correctly picked furniture will organically fit in your interior.

Consultation of the expert will save you from mistakes you might make, and besides, correction of mistakes at the construction stage is very expensive and extends renovation period. The interior designer, a skilled expert, has a great knowledge in finishing materials, textiles, furniture, and availability of all these materials both in the city and outside the country. The designer has also the technical information on finishing materials, which is very important, as it saves the Customer’s time for studying the materials’ characteristics on the market, etc.

The designer’s consultation on the site is an hourly paid service.